Doctor Kim Curtin

Family Clinician

Dr. Kim Curtin

Donna Maw is our receptionist. All requests for appointments with Dr. Curtin will be triaged (prioritized) by the receptionist. Patients will be asked to provide specific information about their concern(s) and the reason for the visit. This is necessary to schedule appropriate time. Please arrive on time. We try to ensure that the office runs efficiently and one time. We reserve the right to reschedule patients who are late for appointments.

Availability & Accessibility

Appointments spaces are available for urgent problems the same day, if possible. If no appointments are available that day, patients are welcome to call the Extended Hours Clinic or if your concern is of a more urgent nature, you should proceed to the nearest Emergency Department at PRHC. Patients are encouraged to contact TeleHealth Ontario at 1-888-797-0000 if the concern is not of an emergent nature.

Scent Policy

For the comfort and health of our patients, staff and physicians we request your support for our scent aware facility by refraining from the use of scented products and smoking products prior to visiting with us.


Available at the Medical Centre ($5/visit). Parking fee refunded if prescriptions filled at Medical Centre pharmacy. Do not park at Westmount Plaza as you may be towed.

Missed Appointment Policy

24 hour cancellation notice is required. If there is a pattern of late or missed appointments, Dr. Curtin reserves the right to charge a missed appointment fee or end the physician-patient relationship.


Patients are encouraged to ask for prescription renewals at their scheduled appointments. It is the patient’s responsibility, as an active partner in their health care, to monitor their prescriptions and make appointments at least 2 weeks prior to the prescription expiring. Should prescription renewals be required in between these appointments, they can be called in to their pharmacy. Please call us before you run out of your pills so that we can help you make arrangements for renewal. All narcotic (painkillers) and benzodiazepine (tranquilizers) prescriptions will require the patient to sign a “Narcotic/Benzodiazepine Contract”.

Referrals to Specialists

Before any referral can be arranged, patients must see Dr. Curtin for pre-consultation information gathering and investigations to facilitate a faster and more effective specialist consultation.

What to Bring to Each Visit

  1. All current medications in their bottles.
  2. Health Card

Uninsured Services

Not all services provided by a family doctor are covered by OHIP. A list of these services and their fees will be posted in our office.

After Hours / Holiday / Weekend Coverage

There are 2 ways to be seen for urgent medical problems if Dr. Curtin is not available.

  1. Doctor-on-call There is a doctor-on-call for Medical Centre patients only from 9 am to 5 pm. Monday to Friday.
  2. After Hours Clinic Monday to Thursday 5 pm to 8 pm and Saturdays 8 am to 2 pm and Sunday from 9 am to 12 pm. These services are for Medical Centre patients only and are available by appointment only. Call 705-743-6222


Dr. Curtin’s practice will not be accepting medical charts or old notes as a whole. Certain parts of your old chart may be scanned into your electronic medical file (ie- recent specialist letters, recent lab tests or radiology reports). There may be a fee for this procedure depending on the number of items to be scanned.


Dr. Curtin does not currently provide in-patient care during hospitalizations. Patients requiring admission to PRHC will be cared for by physicians called “hospitalists”. Children will be cared for in hospital by pediatricians. At this time, Dr. Curtin does not practice obstetrics but will provide prenatal and postnatal care in partnership with her colleagues.

Family Health Team (FHT)

Dr. Curtin is part of a Family Health Team, which is a group of family doctors as well as nurse practitioners, social workers, dieticians, etc. who may be available to her patients. Patients will be asked to “roster” (or sign-up) with Dr. Curtin’s FHT practice.