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Updated COVID-19 Vaccine Information

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Updated March 19, 2021

Please click the following link to view Information for AstraZeneca COVID-19 Vaccine Primary Care Pilot Project for individuals aged 60-64

Updated March 12, 2021

AstraZeneca Vaccine Ages 60-64 Primary Care Pilot Project

  • • Ontario has received a limited supply of the AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine.
  • • This AstraZeneca vaccine supply must be used between now and April 2, 2021.
  • • Selected primary care professionals and primary care clinics have been asked to participate in a time limited PILOT PROJECT, using some of this vaccine supply.
  • • The Medical Centre Family Physicians have been allocated a limited supply of 950 doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine for the purpose of this Pilot Project.
  • • The AstraZeneca vaccine is currently approved in Ontario for administration to persons 60-64 years of age.
  • • This limited supply will be distributed to patients of Medical Centre family practices based solely on age, starting with the oldest patients in our practices.
  • • Patients of Medical Centre family practices are requested NOT to contact your physician/clinician to inquire about receiving this vaccine. Instead, your physician/clinician’s office will contact you over the coming days, if you qualify.
  • • If you have questions about the AstraZeneca vaccine, about the Medical Centre Covid-19 Vaccination Clinic, or other related questions, please first review the additional information provided on this webpage.

I am eligible for the Medical Centre Vaccination Clinic. Now What?

  1. 1. You will be contacted by your physician/clinician’s office and offered an appointment.
  2. 2. You may accept or refuse the appointment opportunity.
  3. 3. If you refuse the appointment opportunity it will be offered to another eligible patient.
  4. 4. If you are unsure for personal health reasons whether to accept or not, you MAY be allowed 24 hours to access clinical advice before the appointment slot is offered to another eligible patient.

  5. 5. If you accept and are assigned a vaccination appointment time you will receive via email, a detailed information package containing Vaccination Clinic Instructions and other important information.

  6. 6. Following your vaccination you may be asked to voluntarily complete a brief survey to assist us in improving our vaccination clinic processes in preparation for possible future clinics.

  7. 7. In conjunction with the Vaccination Clinics we will be offering the opportunity to make a donation of non-perishable food to Kawarth Food Share. This is completely voluntary. Any donations of non-perishable food items will be gratefully accepted as you leave the Medical Centre and will be delivered directly to Kawartha Food Share following the vaccination clinics.

  8. Medical Centre Covid-19 (AstraZeneca) Vaccination Clinic - (FAQs)

    1. 1. Do I qualify to receive the AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine through this clinic? If you are between 60 and 64 years of age and are a patient affiliated with a Medical Centre-based family practice then you are eligible to be considered to receive the AstraZeneca vaccine during this pilot project. However, because the number of AstraZeneca vaccine doses available to Medical Centre family physicians in March is very limited, and less than the quantity needed to vaccinate all eligible Medical Centre family practice patients, available vaccine doses and vaccination appointments will be offered to the oldest patients first, and then to other eligible patients in reverse chronological order until all available doses have been used up.

    2. 2. If I am more than 64 years of age, shouldn’t I be eligible to get the vaccine first? The AstraZeneca vaccine has not, at this time, been approved in Ontario for persons over the age of 64. While this is subject to potential change based on evolving scientific data and Federal/Provincial decisions and directives, persons over the age of 64 remain eligible for vaccination using other vaccines which are approved in Ontario and for which other community-based vaccination clinic arrangements are expected to be announced soon.

    3. 3. If I have other health conditions, shouldn’t I be eligible to get the vaccine first? In the interest of time and rapidly disseminating a limited number of AstraZeneca vaccine doses prior to April 2, 2021 the decision has been made to rely only on patient age, in reverse chronological order starting at age 64.

    4. 4. How do I get on the list to receive the vaccine through the Medical Centre Vaccine Clinic? Your Medical Centre based family physician/primary care clinician’s office will contact you to offer an appointment opportunity if or when, based on your age as documented in your patient record, it is determined that you are eligible to be included on the Vaccination Clinic schedule.

    5. 5. If I am not a Medical Centre patient can I still get the vaccine at the Medical Centre? No, if you are not a patient of a Medical Centre Family Physician/Primary Care Clinician then you are not eligible to receive the vaccine through the Medical Centre Vaccination Clinic.

    6. 6. If I do not have a family physician at the Medical Centre but I do see a Specialist at the Medical Centre, can I receive the vaccine at the Medical Centre? No, if you are not a patient of a Medical Centre Family Physician/Primary Care Clinician then you are not eligible to receive the vaccine through the Medical Centre Vaccination Clinic.

    7. 7. What is the schedule for the Medical Centre vaccination clinic? All Medical Centre Vaccination Clinics will be held on or by April 2, 2021. If it is determined, based on the age criteria and limited Pilot Project vaccine supply, that you qualify for the Vaccination Clinic, available appointment dates and times will be discussed with you by your physician’s office staff when they contact you.

    8. 8. How should I prepare to attend my assigned vaccination appointment? Please refer to the information on the Medical Centre website, entitled “I am eligible for the Medical Centre Vaccination Clinic. Now What?”

    9. 9. Can I attend the Medical Centre Vaccination Clinic if I have ever had an anaphylactic allergy to anything?
    10. It is not recommended at this time for this special Pilot Project.

    11. 10. Can I attend the vaccination clinic if I have received any other vaccines in the past 14 days? If you have had or will potentially have any other vaccines within 14 days of the potential date of the AstraZeneca vaccine, then no, you should not attend the Medical Centre Vaccination Clinic. Your Medical Centre Family Physician/Clinician will be able to provide you with more definitive advice on this.

    12. 11. My spouse does not qualify because of their age. When will they get vaccinated? If your spouse is not a patient of a Medical Centre family practice then they do not quality for this Vaccination Clinic. If your spouse is a patient of a Medical Centre family practice but they are not in the 60 to 64-year age category then they do not quality for this Vaccination Clinic. The Ontario Government, in conjunction with Peterborough Public Health will be making public announcements over the coming weeks and months relative to other community-based vaccination clinics, the schedules for these clinics, who will qualified to attend each specific clinic, and how to book an appointment. Further details on this can be found on the Peterborough Public Health website

    13. 12. I’ve heard that the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine is not as effective as the others available in Canada, should I wait and get a different COVID-19 vaccine?
      Pease refer to Health Canada – AstraZeneca COVID-19: What you should know

    14. 13. Does the AstraZeneca vaccine include a 2nd shot, and when will I receive it? We will not be providing appointments for your second vaccine at this time. Since your COVID-19 vaccine information has been entered into the Provincial database, Public Health Units will be using this information to coordinate second vaccine dose administration when the time comes. As you know, second doses have recently been postponed in Ontario to ensure more people receive their first dose.

    15. 14. I have a number of questions about the Covid-19 vaccine, where can I get some additional information? (Please access the links below for additional important information related to Covid-19 and the Covid-19 vaccines.)

      4.0 Important information about Covid-19 and Covid-19 vaccines:

      Updated February 25, 2021

      General Provincial COVID19 Vaccine Information

      Dear Patients,

      The Ontario Government announced on February 24th that patients age 80 and older can expect to begin booking their vaccination spots on March 15th. This will be done in two main ways:

      1. A provincial online booking system; OR
      2. A provincial call centre for those without online access.

      You will be directed to a vaccine site near where you live, as determined by your postal code. At this time, these vaccines will not be given in family physician offices, including our clinic.

      ***The online/phone booking system will not be available until March 15th. Please use this system ONLY if you are 80+ (or calling on behalf of someone who is). You will be informed (e.g., through TV, radio, local newspapers, and other channels) when it is your turn to book your vaccination ***

      More details about the next age ranges as determined by the Ontario government and anticipated timing for vaccination can be found here:

      Visit your local Public Health Unit website for more information about local vaccination plans:

      Great vaccine information here:

      • Answers to your vaccination questions – information for those 80+ years of age
      • Vaccine Bulletin: What you need to know – resource validated by Canadian doctors and available in 15 languages
      • Short patient education videos developed by healthcare workers
      • Ontario Ministry of Health vaccine information

      General COVID-19 Vaccine Information

      It is understandable that many Medical Centre patients are interested to have access to the latest information about Covid-19 vaccine availability and distribution relative to the Greater Peterborough region. While the Medical Centre and its clinicians are closely monitoring developments pertaining to Covid-19 availability and distribution, we feel that the best current source of up-to-date public information on this topic is available through the Peterborough Public Health website at or by clicking this link "Covid-19 Vaccine". If you have questions about the Covid-19 vaccine which are not specifically addressed by the information on the Peterborough Public Health website you may also contact a Peterborough Public Health representative at 705-743-1000.

      As Covid-19 vaccine related information specific to The Medical Centre becomes available, appropriate updates will be added to this area of our website.